A Vision for the Open Research Network

Friday, Nov 16, 2018 by Mathew Ling community, meta

What are the goals of the Open Research Network? As per the about section, the open research network exists to support the adoption of open research practices. What differs from other approaches is that this is deliberately and explicitly about putting people in contact in the real world, to reduce the barriers to entry, and minimise the risk of alientation that arises from context collapse on social media. To that end, it aims to support the proliferation of institutional open science communities, like the successful model of the Open Science Community Utrecht, to provide a welcoming, non-judgemental learning environment at a local level.

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Interim Code of Conduct

Friday, Nov 16, 2018

Summary The Melbourne Open Research Network (MORN) seeks to promote open practices, and as part of this vision is committed to the provision of a safe, inclusive, welcoming and harassment-free atmosphere to all. All parties to activities associated with the Network are required to be compliant with the code of conduct. If you observe something that you do not feel is consistent with these principles, please report them to the steering committee.

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Making your open research community

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018 by Mathew Ling

The object of this network is the propagation of open research practices through local activities. Effectively, an open research community is like a nucleation site around which the snowflake (or pearl, whatever analogy you prefer) of open research develops. This network is like a snow machine (I’ve gone mad on analogies but stay with me), optimising the conditions for open practices to develop in your local area. To that end, this post intends to lay out how you can promote open research in your place of work and it borrows liberally from Loek Brinkman and Anita Eerland’s guide to forming the original Open science Community Utrecht.

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